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Measurement of rental areas, architectural inventories, measurements of building elevations, what else?

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Below find four out of the six targets industries we operate in. You can find detailed information on separate subpages. Click the buttons below the sectors and go to the subpages.


– Measurement and calculation of the surfaces
– Architectural-building inventories
– Scanning, photogrammetry, and drones measurements
– Geological boreholes and measurements
– Legal geodesy
– From the purchase of the plot to the introduction of tenants
– Engineering and industrial geodesy
– Certified training in surface measurement standards


– Adres: ul. Malinowa 16, Warszawa Ursus

– Rok oddania do użytku: 2018

– Powierzchnia handlowa: 530 m2

– Powierzchnia biurowa: 200m2

– Ilość miejsc parkingowych: 11

– Liczba kondygnacji: 4


– Advice for real estate investors

– Tips for property managers

– Information for tenants

– Schedule training for real estate and geodesy

– News from real estate and surveying


We organize trainings and congresses in the Polish language about areas measurement standards: foreign (BOMA, GIF, Tegova, RICS, IPMS) and Polish (PN-ISO 9836: 1997, PN-ISO 9836: 2015-12, PN-70 / B, UPOIL – Law on taxes and local charges). While training you will learn how to make a lot of money by renting property and lowering taxes. So far we have conducted several dozens of training courses and trained about a 1200 people.

How much are you losing on properties?

Only for one property in Warsaw with the area of ~ 80 thousand m2 we earned for the owner of this building 2.3 million PLN more than rental income from the tenant area annually. How is it possible? We know!

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